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  • is modern, family-friendly and consistent Gagan Kumar, Nam Nam Deli, Wien

    From the beginning, we focused on modern cuisine with good quality and service. We wanted to create a recognition value and make our dishes unique. Whether vegan, classic or vegetarian, by adapting we have created new creations from traditional dishes, which we are very proud of and which sets us apart from other, Indian cuisines. Just like, we want to appear modern, family-friendly and consistent to the outside world.

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  • More competitiveness thanks to Okday Gökmen, Pizzeria Peperoni & Getränke, Wien

    We have never regretted our decision to become part of is a constantly growing company and it has helped us from the beginning. Through you can increase your competitiveness in a very short time and reach so many more customers.

  • An important source of income from the beginning Natalia Popadic, Marcos Fresh Greek Restaurant, Wien

    We are a real restaurant, at the same time the delivery business via has been an important source of income for us from the beginning. Greek restaurants are usually traditional, both in terms of decoration and the menu. We have given it a modern touch. Of course we serve traditional dishes like suflaki, but we present and combine them differently. In addition, we really take into account the fact that many people eat less meat nowadays and vegetables are important. Customers can come to us for dinner and lunch as well as breakfast. This also has a positive effect on sales.

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Our Partner Webshop is exclusively available to restaurants on the platform. Beyond delivery supplies, the Partner Webshop combines the best deals on all sorts of other supplies and equipment necessary for your restaurant.

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