The Lieferando “Refer a Friend” programme

Terms & Conditions

Within the refer a friend program of Lieferando ( Express Austria GmbH), active couriers (referrer) have the possibility to recommend new couriers (referral). In doing so, the active couriers (referrer) receive a bonus payment if they refer the new courier (referral) via a personalised URL and fulfil the following conditions.

Active couriers

Both the referrer and the referral must be employees of Lieferando at the time of the application and at the time of the payment of the bonus.

Bonus payment

The amount of the bonus payment is € 200 gross for the referrer. A special regulation applies for marginally employed (“geringfügig beschäftigt”) employees (see below).

Conditions for the payment of the bonus

The recommended courier (referral) must be employed by Lieferando for at least 2 months.

Referral URL

In order to identify a valid referral application on behalf of Lieferando, the application must be made via the URL provided to the referrer. This will be communicated electronically via email or can be accessed and forwarded in the Scoober App. A subsequent acceptance of an application without a referral URL is excluded.

Time of the bonus payment

The bonus will be paid together with the salary payment in the month following the month in which the conditions for the payment of the bonus were fulfilled.

Special regulation for the bonus for marginally employed (“geringfügig beschäftigt”) employees

If the conditions for the payment of a bonus are fulfilled in case of employees who are marginally employed (“geringfügig beschäftigt”), the working hours in the following month will be reduced accordingly by the bonus amount. Marginally employed employees are credited with a maximum of two (2) bonus payments (after successful referrals) per calendar month in the form of a reduction in working hours. The reason for this is to maintain the monthly tax- and social security-free income limit of marginally employed employees.

First employment

The bonus can only be paid to the referrer if the new courier (referral) has not had an employment relationship with Express Austria GmbH, in the past.