Are there other factors that influence how restaurants show up on the list?

Are there other factors that influence how restaurants show up on the list?

Some factors may temporarily influence a restaurant's position on the restaurant list, such as a restaurant's quality or popularity. may also move a restaurant down to a lower position when we know their orders are less likely to be delivered to customers within a reasonable timeframe due to factors like weather, crowds at a particular location, opening hours, holidays, and the restaurant or delivery service's capacity. Both and the restaurant can temporarily 'close' a restaurant on the platform if it is too busy, which is quite common.

Sponsored results offers a paid sponsorship service called 'TopRank', allowing restaurants to improve their visibility by moving up their rank in the 'Best match' search results. This improved visibility is in proportion to the ranking they would otherwise have on based on the ranking factors listed above.

For example, a quality 4-star restaurant could appear below a 3-star restaurant if the customer is further away, so that restaurant may wish to boost its visibility by using TopRank. It is also possible that a restaurant may want more orders on a certain day of the week, so they will use TopRank in an effort to increase their orders that day.

While TopRank is a great tool for restaurants, the primary goal of our ranking system is to show our customers the most relevant restaurants. Restaurants have limitations on improving their visibility using TopRank. For example, it will be too costly for Restaurant #150 in an outer suburb to use TopRank and obtain the number 1 position for the entire city.

We also restrict the number of spots a restaurant can move up the list to ensure that even when restaurants are using TopRank, customer feedback will always directly influence their position in the restaurant list. We want to reward restaurants that provide excellent service to customers while offering customers the best food-ordering experience possible.

You can save restaurants as a 'Favourite'. Your favourite restaurants will appear at the top of the listing so you can find them easily.

From time to time, we may run tests or experiments to monitor and improve our service, which may temporarily impact the restaurant order.

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