Can I reload my gift card with more money?

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Can I reload my gift card with more money?

Unfortunately not. We suggest buying a new gift card instead.

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Where can I buy gift cards?
You can buy official gift cards from our online store:
My order was cancelled. What happens with my gift card?
We will always make sure that the value of the gift card is reimbursed. Please allow 24 hours for the gift card to recharge. Still unable to use your gift card? Contact us with you...
How many orders can I place with one gift card?
You can place as many orders as you like until you've run out of credit.
What happens when there isn't enough credit on the gift card to pay an order fully?
You can pay the remaining balance with another online payment method.
My recipient hasn't received the gift card. What should they do?
First, check that the email hasn't landed in their junk/spam folder. If they still can't find it, please get in touch with us. We're happy to help!
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