Why should I create an account?

Why should I create an account?

You're not required to create an account, but it does have benefits:

Order history
Lieferando.at saves all of your orders which you can view at any time. Enjoy one order so much that you want to order it again? Just find it in your order history and reorder it in a snap!

Can't get enough of that sushi restaurant or your favourite pizza place? Instantly find your most-loved restaurants in your 'Favourites'. Click the heart icon on the restaurant page to save them to the top of the restaurant list.

Manage your addresses
You can add multiple delivery addresses to your account for a quicker ordering experience. It's perfect for ordering from different places like home, work or a friend's house. You can also change the phone numbers assigned to each address by selecting 'Update address'.

Points programme
While you earn points every time you order, you can only collect them if you have an account. You can redeem points for great offers, including discounts on clothing, food, entertainment and more. Learn more about Points and start collecting!

One account
Sign in and use your account on any device.

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