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Order Chinese Food Delivery to Your Doorstep | lieferando.at

Chinese food is far more lavish and diverse than you might be aware of. While the typical sweet, sour, and stir-fried dishes of the West certainly play a role in the gastronomy, authentic Chinese dishes include a varied blend of five flavours, which are always served with the finest ingredients. Chinese dishes such as papaya salad, pork dumplings, and golden crispy chicken are richer and more complex than you might imagine. The cuisine’s incredible depth comes from its ginger, soya, and garlic, but its freshly-sourced ingredients play a large part, too. In Central China, chefs cook with Sichuan spices and garlic, while in the South, tofu and pickled dishes are more traditional. Southern China is rainy and warm, so its staple foods are light and a touch less spicy than those of other regions. In the North, noodles and dumplings sooth chilly hearts and appetites.

Order Chinese food in Austria

Austria adores rich comfort food, and the nation is equally enthusiastic about its food culture. You’ll consequently find plenty of richness in the Chinese cuisine local restaurants serve. The country’s fusion dining is a national treasure, so local chefs have creative approaches to many traditional Chinese dishes. Wontons are served with hearty German sausage meat, with bratwurst wonton being just as celebrated. German baked duck is often served on rice Asian-style, and Chinese fried rice is often served with diced Austrian meatballs instead of ham. Austria’s food culture is rich in history, but that doesn’t mean it’s without creativity. Local foodies love exploring gourmet cuisine and trendy new approaches to authentic stews. Local chefs have incorporated cuisine from Germany, France, and Italy, but foodies aren’t too pretentious to enjoy a simple burger.

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Whether you’re looking for Chinese food in Burgenland, Wien or Salzburg, lieferando.at has you covered. Whether you're a tourist, a local, or visiting for business, you can get a Chinese delivery to your hotel, home, or office.

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Too many travellers think they’ve tried Chinese food when they’ve been limited to home-town interpretations. This form of Asian gastronomy deserves to be explored, so why not do so while you’re visiting Austria? Thanks to food delivery with lieferando.at, there’s always a Chinese takeaway near you. Order Chinese food online today!