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Order Delicious Sushi Online in Austria | Lieferando.at

Sushi has become hugely popular, not just in its native Japan, but in Austria, too. Whether you're looking for sushi takeaway in Wien or you want Japanese delivery in Salzburg or sushi at home in Tirol, you'll find a selection of restaurants offering this Japanese favourite.

Say "konnichiwa" to sushi delivery in Austria

Sushi delivery at home is a great way to enjoy one of the world's most delicate and complex cuisines. In its most basic form, sushi mixes together carefully seasoned rice with some kind of topping, often raw or lightly cooked fish. Additional elements such as seaweed and sesame seeds can increase the complexity of flavour on offer. The most common and popular types of sushi include nigiri, which is a block of rice topped with something (often a slice of salmon or tuna, or a butterflied pran), and rolls, which are usually wrapped tightly with seaweed. Although the best-known varieties of sushi rely on seafood, there are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and sushi can also be made with other proteins, such as chicken. Traditionally, you should eat sushi with chopsticks, but if you're not confident using them, you could use western cutlery - or, if nobody's watching, just pick it up with your fingers.

Make your sushi at home a complete meal

Sushi is not always the most filling option, so it's important to choose a few side dishes, too. Soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger are all common condiments that will add a hint of spice to each morsel. You can also look for side dishes such as edamame beans or a nourishing bowl of miso soup to accompany your sushi. Some Japanese restaurants also offer hot dishes which can go well with sushi, such as teriyaki chicken or tempura vegetables. Order a few of these for Japanese home delivery, and you can enjoy a full-on Asian banquet in the comfort of your own home or office.

How to order sushi at home in Austria

Whether you're in a large city or a smaller town, you'll probably find a sushi restaurant near you. Sushi has become a popular choice in Austria and is often enjoyed at both lunchtime or dinner time. It's a great choice for lunch at work, particularly if you and your co-workers want to chip in and share a selection. Ordering on Lieferando.at makes getting sushi delivery in Austria a breeze. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Enter your address.
  2. Pick a restaurant.
  3. Place your meal order.
  4. Pay.
  5. Wait for the delivery.

Lieferando.at puts together some of the top sushi restaurants in Austria, allowing you to experiment with different places. Check out the unique specialities on offer, and enjoy sushi at any time.