65 days audiobooks & e-books for free


65 days audiobooks & e-books for free

End date: 31-12-2022

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About this offer

The best new releases, novels and non-fiction books are at your disposal - you'll never get bored with the Nextory app. With Nextory, you can read and listen to hundreds of thousands of audiobooks and e-books for free for 65 days and then from €9.99 a month. Challenge yourself with our book challenge and monitor your progress in your personal reading diary. Simply download the Nextory app from the App Store or Google Play Store and enjoy hundreds of thousands of stories and narratives in the flat rate.

Dive into the world of audio books! With Nextory you can listen to unlimited audio books and read e-books. Stream over 300,000 audiobooks and e-books directly on your mobile phone or tablet. Nextory is available online and offline and can be cancelled at any time.

Terms of use

  • Valid until 31.12.2022
  • Only for new customers
  • 65 days free trial, after that your membership continues but can be cancelled at any time without notice
  • Your contract can be cancelled monthly online at the end of a contract month
  • A user account with personal data is required