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After Vienna, Graz is Austria's second-largest city and also the capital of Styria. Graz is many things - it's Renaissance architecture, art and culture. It is a vibrant city whose charm calls you from kilometres away. Graz is filled with magnificent scenery that begs you to stop and take notice. The 17th century Baroque Eggenberg Palace, the world's largest armoury and The Kunsthaus, holds just some of the attractions in this city.

When looking for food delivery near you in Graz, the options are impressive. The city has restaurants just about everywhere. Herrengasse is the main shopping street and, typically, the area has several restaurants and eateries. The section around Sporgasse, the main square, is another prime location for restaurants. From Schlossberg to Lendl to Mehlpl, restaurants are lined up from one street to another. Graz is a blend of culinary cultures, so the eating establishments here cater to all diets. Authentic Austrian menus are popular, but you can also order Chinese food, French delicacies and Turkish delights.

Enjoy fast takeaway delivery in Graz

Graz is known as the culinary capital of Austria, with the prominent art scene and architectural marvels attracting visitors from all over the world. Traditional Austrian food is a combination of dishes from various cultures, mostly central Europe. Wiener Schnitzel, which has its beginnings in Germany, is the national dish. Goulash is another import that Austria has made its own. Unlike the Hungarian goulash, in Graz, this meat and vegetable stew comes with dumplings, bread or rolls.

The city has significantly more in store than local delicacies. Fast food chains are in plenty in Graz, so expect to find the usual. Order burgers, pizza and French fries from some of the biggest chains. Turkish food is readily available if it's your preference. You can order takeaway doner kebabs, kofte or lentil soup from a Turkish restaurant.

How to order food online

Lieferando.at is designed for the everyday user who may prefer the convenience of online takeaway delivery in Graz. Ordering from the platform allows you to save resources. You won't have to spend time going to your favourite Chinese place or booking a reservation for that new restaurant offering authentic Thai food. Also, takeaway food is a practical alternative to cooking. When you can't spare the time for such activities, ordering 'takeaway delivery near me' is the ultimate solution. The service has a list of restaurants from all over Graz, which makes it easy to find your favourite place or try a new one.

The platform is user-friendly, allowing you to navigate without jumping too many hoops to order takeaway in Graz:

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Then you can wait comfortably for your takeaway delivery to arrive. Lieferando.at allows you to order takeaway Graz from anywhere. Order American-style pizza, traditional Austrian or whatever you fancy, and enjoy efficient food delivery.