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Your benefits

Lead your own time

  • You decide the days and hours you would like to work! Simply schedule your time on our app every week.
  • Easily combine work with your hobbies and education.
  • An outdoor job where you can enjoy your city, the fresh air and being active.

Good salary

  • You will receive a fixed hourly salary of up to € 11 excluding tips, so you'll be paid even whilst waiting for orders.
  • Five weeks of paid holiday - spend more time doing what you love.
  • Grab your own bike and enjoy our mileage allowance for wear and tear on top of your salary.
  • Since you are dependent on your mobile phone, we also offer you an allowance for it.
  • Recommend your friends to us and profit - with our Refer a Friend bonus!

More than just a wage

  • To a bright future together - secure one of our fixed employment contracts.
  • Your well-being is important, which is why we offer accident, health, pension and unemployment insurance for all part- and full-time couriers.
  • Take the opportunity and start your shift with a fully insured pedelecs from the Hub - paid for by us.

We're here for you

  • Apply now and start your new job within 10 days!
  • International student and looking for work? Join us and we will take care of your employment permit!
  • On the road, in the hub or after work. At Lieferando, we're always here for you.
  • Plus, you will become part of our community, enjoying a welcoming workplace at the Hub.

How it works

Our office, the Hub, is in the centre of the city and close to public transport.
Say "Hi" and then jump on one of our fully insured pedelecs.

You can also start your shift using your own vehicle at one of the local kick-off points.
We pay a kilometer allowance, so you're covered for wear and tear.

On the road you mainly work with our mobile Scoober app.
You get a notification that tells you where to pick up and where to deliver the food.
Once you've completed an order, you confirm it in the app and then wait for the next one.

Our app guides you through the day, gives you an overview of current and upcoming jobs, offers live support and makes your job much easier.


The recruitment process

You will be asked for identity documents and data.
Book your spot for the online pre-hire engagement to get to know us better.
Sign your contract.
Join our video introduction and learn more about road safety, using our app and shift planning.
Congratulations! Your first shift at work can begin!


Constantly working in the fresh air, always on the move - it's never boring and yet rarely stressful. Getting to know the city and delicious restaurants while working with awesome people and having flexible working hours is just marvelous.


It doesn't matter where you're from or who you are - everyone is just welcome. It is an incredible feeling to act and work as a big team - people on the streets are always happy seeing us and have a nice talk.


Top employer and an awesome atmosphere with a young and motivated team. The communication could not be any better and I tell you - working at Lieferando feels more like fun than actual work.


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