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Your benefits

Flexible workhours

  • You decide the days and hours you would like to work!
  • You can simply schedule your time on our app every week.

Good salary

  • You will get an hourly salary, so you will also get paid during the waiting time.
  • Performance bonus: the more you ride, the more you earn!


  • Drive around the city and let our app guide you!
  • An outdoor job where you can enjoy the fresh air and sport moderately.


  • You're paid per hour – meaning you earn money even when you’re waiting for an order
  • As for insurance, we've got you covered!

How do I make deliveries?

It’s nice and simple. You get a notification in our driver app, telling you which restaurant to collect the order from, and where to deliver to. Just confirm in the app once you’ve completed the delivery of your latest order, and then wait for the next one. We make sure everything runs smoothly for you. Our driver app will guide you through the day, and you’ll also have a contact person in case you have a problem or any extra questions.

Depending on which city you apply in, you can choose from your own bike, or one of our e-bikes. We think they’re all great ways to travel! Remember, if you use your own bike, you’ll receive some compensation from us.


The recruitment process

If you match our requirements, you’ll be asked to watch a short information video and take our quiz (you get three tries to complete it!)
You will be asked for identity documents and data
One of our recruiters will contact you to start onboarding
Sign your contract and fill out a personal questionnaire
Congratulations! It’s your start day!


Constantly working in the fresh air, always on the move - it's never boring and yet rarely stressful. Getting to know the city and delicious restaurants while working with awesome people and having flexible working hours is just marvelous.


It doesn't matter where you're from or who you are - everyone is just welcome. It is an incredible feeling to act and work as a big team - people on the streets are always happy seeing us and have a nice talk.


Top employer and an awesome atmosphere with a young and motivated team. The communication could not be any better and I tell you - working at Lieferando.at feels more like fun than actual work.


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